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Terms and Conditons


1) Advertiser must place a reciprocal link back to CamChatting from the advertised website.
2) The reciprocal link MUST conform to the EXACT syntax provided by CamChatting at the time the ad is placed.
3) The reciprocal link must exist on a page with the .html, .htm, .shtml, or .php extention.
4) The CamChatting webbot will periodically check for the existence of this reciprocal link. Because the CamChatting webbot uses a search method similar to search engines, the linking page must not be excluded from being indexed by any search engines either through a robots.txt file or through meta exclusion tags.

How It Works

The event of the ad being shown on a visitor's computer is called an "impression"; each event in which someone clicks your reciprocal link into CamChatting is called a "click-in". The ad which is displayed on CamChatting when the cam page is loaded will be the ad which, at that moment in time, has the highest "clicks-in to impressions" ratio. Therefore, the more visitors on your website click through to CamChatting, the more often your ad will be shown. Also, the more often an ad is shown, the lower the ad's ratio will be - this ensures that every advertiser will receive advertising impressions, although the advertisers sending the most click-ins will receive the most impressions. The ratios-are reset once per week.

Note: This is not intended to be any kind of a top sites list, but rather a method of advertising sites to interested visitors. If you use top sites lists to attract visitors to your site, the popularity of your site will be best served by getting people to "vote" for your site on those lists rather than to get people to click to CamChatting.


1) The owner of CamChatting reserves the right to refuse advertising to any website which promotes hate, child pornography, exploitation of minors, or websites which may be determined to offend the general population of CamChatting members and/or CamChatting visitors.
2) The page which is opened when a person clicks the ad must be suitable for "General Audiences". If "Adult Content" is available on the advertised site it must be at least 3 clicks away from CamChatting, or if "Adult Content" is available through links from the advertised site, they must be at least 2 clicks away from CamChatting, and warnings must be shown which alert the visitor that adult content lies ahead.
3) The page which is opened when a person clicks the ad must be free of pop-ups which are unsuitable for "General Audiences" or which directly advertise sites not suitable for "General Audiences".
4) The page which is opened when a person clicks the ad may have no more than one pop-up, including exit traffic pop-ups.
5) To report Terms and Conditions violations, send an email with a link to the offending webpage to: CamChatting's Hotmail
6) These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.

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