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This is not a sexually oriented website. Sexually suggestive nicknames, AIM nicknames, or email addresses are not appropriate for this site. If you are looking for a videochat site with more "adult" themes and free registration, click here.

Do you already have your own webcam site? If so, list it at the Webcam Index.

In order to upload cam images, you must 1) have a webcam, and 2) have webcam FTP software.

If you do not have a webcam and you would like to purchase one, click here.

For software, CamChatting supports ChillCam versions 2.3.6 and 2.4.0 for FTP image upload, and Webcam32 versions 6.x for both FTP image upload and video streaming. In addition, Visions software may be used for FTP image upload and streaming video, but CamChatting provides no support for the softare. Also, any webcam software that provides FTP image upload may be used on this site (typically, it comes with your webcam), but we provide no support.

Links to download ChillCam and Webcam32 will be provided upon sign-up.

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